Monday, June 18, 2012

Crochet Owl Hat

Kudos to Daisy Cottage providing a FREE crochet owl hat pattern.  My godmother, Marcell Cromeans Sanders taught me to crochet, even though I will never be able to crochet as proficiently as she.  She could can vegetables and crochet at the same time, seldom, if ever, looking at her thread or work-in-progress.  I miss her very much :-(

My sweet niece, Mana Diann, will be wearing this hat, come cold weather.  Isn't she beautiful? Now if I could only knit as well as my sister does...sigh.  I can pearl 1, knit 1 like she taught me way back when...or can I?hmmmm

Now for my first attempt at an owl hat...not bad since I haven't crocheted in yearsssssssssssss. I also like the patterns larger white in eyes...but I certainly wasn't redoing the eyes...I've no patience. I do like the scallop border rather than pattern and don't know why the nose looks so oval rather than pointed in pic...more pointed in person, or is it?lol   I must have sewn it on "wonky".  still owl with a wonky nose and big green eyes!!!! ooohhhweeeeee as Mana says about her sweet bear.

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