Monday, February 14, 2011

Tony Dungy

Tell me what we, as educators do, doesn't matter. Tell me that a child's education is MORE than homework and tests. Tell me God answers prayers (if HE thinks it's the right prayer or thing to happen in your life) and if it's HIS will, Tony Dungy will answer my email and talk to my PhD class and/or even more importantly my kids at school....the ones who think they don't matter or think it's cool to have a crappy attitude.

My research paper for EDLD 721 at The University of Mississippi (forgive me fellow Dawg choice, since I refuse to admit I actually learn something from our is on Tony Dungy, Great Leader. Wish me luck, give me input, help me recruit Mr. Dungy to Mississippi...LOL or better yet, just pray from me, my family, you, your family, and Mr. Dungy and his family....GOD is GOOD...believe it and relay it to a fallen world.  Love and Blessings to all, S

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome Mana DiAnn Smith

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL????
Mana DiAnn Smith
9 pounds 11 ounces 21.25 inches

and looks just like her daddy!!!!

Dana did terrific and the whole family is blessed today :-) Pop woulda been proud...can't help but think he's somewhere shed'n tears of happiness....