Sunday, February 12, 2012


Can you define "Frienemy"...if not...check out this site
for some insight that you or someone in your family might need.

As a K-6 school administrator I am very aware of the "BULLYING" that our children face. I am blessed to be part of a school that doesn't seem to have bullying issues to the extent many schools and school children in our nation face. However, ANY bullying is too much bullying and I would be nieve to think none existed on our campus. Our school and students work hard to eliminate bullying if/when it occurs. We have three major rules: Safety, Kindness, and Respect.  Bullying is a violation of all 3 rules and both professionally and personally I have zero tolerance for it.  Let's make the world we birthed our children into a safer and happier place. Educate your child on how hurtful it is when they are the bully (everyone is at some time or another) and how to stop bullying and heal from bullying by reading books and discussing bullying with your child.  May God bless you and your child/children today and all days...much love and respect! Sonya

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