Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 19th Birthday Sunshine

Happy 19th Birthday to my youngest son, Michael, aka "Sunshine"

Where have all the years gone? My bones/body feel 'em but my mind and heart do not.  I don't really have the "empty nest" thing, since he comes home most weekends (only cause of his beau living near here) but I'll take his visits any way I get 'em.  Michael is a sophunior (sophomore/junior) at Mississippi State...goooo dawgs!!!! Hence the MSU cake and his "what's so great about the SEC?  We are loyal to the bone" Tshirt.  Michael had his first two years at Northeast Community College here in town completed when he graduated High School last May, due to dual enrollment.  He scored a 30 on his ACT and he's a math wizzard...a well rounded geekster :-)  His father died when he was five and he and Gene are very close, as you can tell by this picture.
Daniel (my oldest) and Morgan came for the celebration.  He and Michael have been roommates at "STATE" this year...think they both got on each others nerves...KNOW they both love each other.  Wish Nathan and Jessica could have been here.  Nathan is in the Navy and he and Jessica, currently in Washington State, have orders for Hawaii in September...too bad Gene won't fly :-(

Back to Birthday Bash...Michael blew all his candles out and now that I think of it...wonder if he made a wish?  Mom loves you!!! Happy 19th Birthday, Sunshine!

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