Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Thanks so much for all the Pocket Tshirt orders this week !!!
Anyone wanting to order can email sonyagilley@yahoo.com or let me know on our Facebook page...all the styles in these pics are just $20. Killer deal!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Riley Blake Fabric Order Arrives!!!! yeah!!!!!!!

Chevrons, Purses, Dresses, Dots, Florals
$9 per Yard
Email: SonyaGilley@yahoo.com

Booneville Blue Devil Pocket Ts

$20.00 (youth-Adult XL, XXL + $2)

Pocket Ts $20

I have been sooooooooooo busy! Blessed, but busy.  Last weekend I attended the "Everything Applique" conference in Birmingham...stood in line for hoursssssssssssssss.

Check out a few of the Pocket Ts I've been appliqueing ("e" doesn't "drop" on spelling of this word) and monogramming.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ADVOCARE is here!!!!!!!!

ADVOCARE is here!!! can not wait to get started and lose that zillion pounds...


Thursday, February 14, 2013

30% off to next 20 customers

Type in the promo code "20 gets 30" and the next 20 customers will get 30% off their order....Includes Mud Pie!!!

The Garden Gate is now open for business!!!!!!

Visit the GARDEN GATE and check out all our new Mud Pie inventory...so so so soooooooooooooo cute! If you don't see a Mud Pie item you want email me @ sonyagilley@yahoo.com and I'll hook ya right up :-) 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Knight's ARRIVED!!!!!

Just had his FIRST BATH

This picture makes me think of "In my father's eyes..."

Here's lookin' at you babe....(Think my mommy isn't smitten already?)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When in Doubt...

...make a MS State bib.  Doubt equates to (sigh) what to put in the corner where the CHRISTmas tree was...one would think I'd just put the chair, that was originally there back. But, I'm happy with where the chair was relocated to sit beside it's partner chair in the dining area...
LOL...LOL just noticed I didn't move the lampshade with the lamp...lol..my oh my...

And then for the lonely corner...I thought about putting my grandfather's antique blanked chest in the corner...too big..to unbalanced...etc.
LOL #20 just realized the cowhide rug isn't down (I'd mopped floor earlier) and the leather ottoman is sitting on my cough (barely see it on the right).  Anywho...see..corner needs SOMETHING and bookshelf, chest, etc...just doesn't seem right (there are 2 non moving and 2 moving doors in the door unit, so it's okay if something sits in front of door on left.

So I debate and debate and debate and sew a MS State bib for my expect any day grandson, Master Knight Pitts :-).  State played so poorly yesterday I hate to even mention "State" but we are die hard fans.  Well, except Mr. G who's die hard Ole Miss....  back to sewing...notice anything wrong in pic below?
Yep, I cut the bottom layer same direction as the top (meaning if I left this way the bottom fabric, once bib
craft/arrange furniture day....So I cut another "bottom layer" and carried forth...go Dawgssssssssss!
Cute, eh?
BTW...order one from my retail store "The Garden Gate" (hence blog name) for $15 email name or monogram you'd like.

BTW#2  hopefully http://thegardengate1.com will be up and running soon to make online purchases easier.  At present I'm still billing via paypal.

Now back to the furniture....when I looked at the pic of the two chairs where I put them to make room for the Christmas tree (one chair has always been on the dining room wall) I realized the fabric on both chairs is in identical placement...swirls/paisley everything exactly the same...toooooooooooooo "matchey" for me...so back to the corner one goes...

Shhhhhhh...picture is dark because Mr. G. (see his feet) is watching the Sugar Bowl game and asking his wife, yet again, why I'm taking pictures of walls...lol...notice the shade is back on the lamp? OHHhhhhhhhhhhh forgot to mention...the polyacrylic (remember not urethane) side tables (stump in our part of the world) are for sale by Mr. G...big little small and even (yes, you guessed it) one angled with a MSU Bulldog painted on it (original painted by moi) also for sale...will try to post one of those soon...if you're interested email me and I'll shoot you a pic...

Offff to watch game with hubby...and he lucked out..I also too pic of him layed out in recline after hard day at work and realized when I uploaded to blog it showed our dining room table LOADED with sewing machines, fabrics, all kinda stuff...soooooooooo me no post dat...lol...
Have a blessed night.