Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poor Sunshine

We've been rather busy around here attending to "Sunshine"... He went to the Buffalo River with a couple of buddies and came home around 6:30 p.m. SCREAMING (understatement) in pain for his "Mom!!!!!, My ear HURTS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH"  So I get the flashlight..yep...blood...ER bound...in route I say, "Son, let me see your finger....hmmm looks broken." Son replies, "I hurt it swinging on a rope along the river but it's okay, it's my ear that's KILLING me!" blah blah...arrive ER 7:00 p.m. ish...long and short...headed home around 2 a.m.ish with finger in splint..."broken, see plastic surgeon 8 a.m. and ear drum busted"...pooooooor kid.  When Dr. injected the lidacaine (sp?) to numb the finger to make it point in right direction, unblock blood flow, and set it until we saw plastic surgeon Sunshine pert near blacked out on us...and I can understand why! He said, "Mom! I'm getting hot, Mom! I need garbage can! Mom! blawhhhhhhhhhhh and ralphed bigtime! POOR POOR KID! That was Tuesday...had surgery Thursday...couldn't do thin plate and screws...injury worse case...so in goes the rod.  The big reveal was yesterday......and without further ado I show you Sunshine's finger :-(

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