Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poor Sunshine

We've been rather busy around here attending to "Sunshine"... He went to the Buffalo River with a couple of buddies and came home around 6:30 p.m. SCREAMING (understatement) in pain for his "Mom!!!!!, My ear HURTS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH"  So I get the flashlight..yep...blood...ER bound...in route I say, "Son, let me see your finger....hmmm looks broken." Son replies, "I hurt it swinging on a rope along the river but it's okay, it's my ear that's KILLING me!" blah blah...arrive ER 7:00 p.m. ish...long and short...headed home around 2 a.m.ish with finger in splint..."broken, see plastic surgeon 8 a.m. and ear drum busted"...pooooooor kid.  When Dr. injected the lidacaine (sp?) to numb the finger to make it point in right direction, unblock blood flow, and set it until we saw plastic surgeon Sunshine pert near blacked out on us...and I can understand why! He said, "Mom! I'm getting hot, Mom! I need garbage can! Mom! blawhhhhhhhhhhh and ralphed bigtime! POOR POOR KID! That was Tuesday...had surgery Thursday...couldn't do thin plate and screws...injury worse case...so in goes the rod.  The big reveal was yesterday......and without further ado I show you Sunshine's finger :-(

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute Play Outfits for Sale

Back to Business...Cute REVERSIBLE Play Outfits for Sale

Which (of course) Mana gets the first prototype :-)  Why? Cause she's my niece of course... Reminds me of dance outfits Tasha always looked so cute in...gosh they grow up quick!
Anyway, email me at sonyagilley@yahoo.com...let me know color you'd like and whether or not you want matching bow, additional trim/ruffles on top/shorts and/or bloomers, etc.

Wish I'd taken a pic of the front of the white side...the white fabric is swiss polka dot textured fabric and oh so cute with trim on the front...grrr @ me for not taking a "front shot" sorry.

Who Let the Dawgs Out?

Hoover, Alabama did!!!!

Brandon Woodruff, aka "Dino" son of Richard and Belinda Woodruff is a Prentiss County boy and he was the starting pitcher in both the first and last SEC playoffs in Hoover, AL...gooooo Dino!

We had great seats by 1st base, but it was HOT!!! Did I mention it was HOT?

We even saw Jonie (Dino's g/f) and my cousin, daughter of Kenneth Green and Pamela Johnson Stroupe who is sitting beside her first cousin, Carol's (Pam's sister) daughter.  Jonie is the cutie patootie blonde looking at ya :-)

Great Read

May marked the date for the release of Forbidden Magic.

Happy 19th Birthday Sunshine

Happy 19th Birthday to my youngest son, Michael, aka "Sunshine"

Where have all the years gone? My bones/body feel 'em but my mind and heart do not.  I don't really have the "empty nest" thing, since he comes home most weekends (only cause of his beau living near here) but I'll take his visits any way I get 'em.  Michael is a sophunior (sophomore/junior) at Mississippi State...goooo dawgs!!!! Hence the MSU cake and his "what's so great about the SEC?  We are loyal to the bone" Tshirt.  Michael had his first two years at Northeast Community College here in town completed when he graduated High School last May, due to dual enrollment.  He scored a 30 on his ACT and he's a math wizzard...a well rounded geekster :-)  His father died when he was five and he and Gene are very close, as you can tell by this picture.
Daniel (my oldest) and Morgan came for the celebration.  He and Michael have been roommates at "STATE" this year...think they both got on each others nerves...KNOW they both love each other.  Wish Nathan and Jessica could have been here.  Nathan is in the Navy and he and Jessica, currently in Washington State, have orders for Hawaii in September...too bad Gene won't fly :-(

Back to Birthday Bash...Michael blew all his candles out and now that I think of it...wonder if he made a wish?  Mom loves you!!! Happy 19th Birthday, Sunshine!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crochet Owl Hat

Kudos to Daisy Cottage providing a FREE crochet owl hat pattern.  My godmother, Marcell Cromeans Sanders taught me to crochet, even though I will never be able to crochet as proficiently as she.  She could can vegetables and crochet at the same time, seldom, if ever, looking at her thread or work-in-progress.  I miss her very much :-(

My sweet niece, Mana Diann, will be wearing this hat, come cold weather.  Isn't she beautiful? Now if I could only knit as well as my sister does...sigh.  I can pearl 1, knit 1 like she taught me way back when...or can I?hmmmm

Now for my first attempt at an owl hat...not bad since I haven't crocheted in yearsssssssssssss. I also like the patterns larger white in eyes...but I certainly wasn't redoing the eyes...I've no patience. I do like the scallop border rather than pattern and don't know why the nose looks so oval rather than pointed in pic...more pointed in person, or is it?lol   I must have sewn it on "wonky".  still cute...an owl with a wonky nose and big green eyes!!!! ooohhhweeeeee as Mana says about her sweet bear.