Thursday, August 5, 2010

DOstamperSTARS Blogger's Challenge #1

Received my Stampin Up! starter kit and the stamps are sooooooooo purty :-) Dawn has graciously started a new "challenge" series for her DOstamperSTARS and fortunately I'm participating. This weeks challenge was to create something from the summer mini catalog, which my card is not from....Hence the resulting card. How? you might ask...well...I posted to the kind hearts on the "DOblog" and said I was out week because none of my starter kit seemed to be from the summer mini catalog. Being the old entary school principal I am, along with the heat in the upper 90's and 100s it is here, I then "hit the hay" (take a nap) wake up 8 hours (long nap, I'm whooped) later and log into the DOblog only to find the sweetest of encouragement....soooooooooo there ya have it...need to say thanks to some kind ladies for their encouragement because.....I NEEDED THAT!

121028 Designer series paper patterns pack - in color (strips)
103313 Classic stampin pad real red
113500 Fun and Fast Notes stamp set
119275 Border punch Dotted scallop ribbon


  1. Oh my gosh - this card is SO adorable. Great job and welcome to the group Sonya!!!

  2. What an awesome card Sonya! I will be receiving my border punch on Monday, can't have inspired me to play with it as soon as it gets! Welcome to our group!
    -Laurie Zoellmer

  3. WOW! This card is just adorable! I've had this set for over a year since I started and have yet to use it. Well I guess now it's time to pull it off the shelf and try it out. What an inspiration you have been to me and this is only your 1st card. Can't wait to see more! Welcome to our group!
    Bobbi Peterson