Friday, January 14, 2011

Nancy Lovelace Johnson

Tonight, (well this morning, since it's after midnight) I depart from the usual and dedicate this entry to Nancy Lovelace Johnson. There are no words to describe the loss Prentiss County School District and the students we strive to educate and love were dealt today. Nancy went to be with Jesus this afternoon. It was not expected nor was it planned. However, MANY times Nancy told me, "when it's my time, I'm ready, and until then I will do all that I can for the kids." She was without doubt, one of, if not THE most dedicated persons I know in my profession. She was one of the best Christian women I've had the pleasure of knowing in my life. She has been there for me as a co-worker and a friend more times than I can count. All she ever said was, "If it's the best you can do, that's all I ask." Whether she meant me or someone else in the county. She was THE most organized, color coded, detail oriented person I have EVER known. She loved me and shared a friendship with me that allowed either or both of us to cry at times, fuss at times, vent at times, or just pass looks we understood without ever having to say a word. She loved me enough as a friend to always be honest with me, even when it hurt. I am a school administrator and she the school district's curriculum coordinator. If I called her and asked, Nancy, "Am I crazy for feeling that way about _____?" sometimes she would say, "Yes, you are." Sometimes I'd ask, "Nancy, am I being fair? or am wrong?" She would answer honestly. Sometimes what I wanted to hear sometimes not. But, ALWAYS what I needed to hear and honest. Friends and co-workers like are a rare treasure. Nancy I love you, respect you, honor you, and God knows....I will miss you. There is no replacing you. However, I will never have a day, as long as I live, that I will not think many times, Nancy, would want me to do this for the was and is ALWAYS about the kids.

How does this apply to your life?

Every day, I try to pray for someone I know, for another Gideon, for Prentiss County Schools and for our first priority, our students and our children. Many of you have heard me say, the one thing we can NEVER make a choice about is who our parents are. I challenge myself and you to consider that. When you have a child in front of you, in your thoughts, in your prayers, in your classroom, in the booth next to you crying/screaming your entire meal, picking their noses, throwing up in your classroom, or just being difficult to get attention, even negative attention just so he/she can have someone prove to them they care, remember that and then? pray for that child and for me. I have many contacts, tonight I wish to let you know, I picked you, you are not a generalization. I value you and I pray for you. Prayers said for you and thanks from my heart for all you do for any child you encounter. And remember, Nancy would want you to.
If you will notice, these children are praying and READING the Bible. If you knew Nancy you know why I selected this picture. Her faith in God, her children (her own children and grandchildren, as well as, those of Prentiss County), and education (read, read, read....)

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