Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cartwheels, CELEBRATION!!!

and now...tahhhh dahhhhhh...not only can I use Riley Blake Fabrics in the construction of some beee-uuu-teeeee-full garments but The Garden Gate also sells Riley Blake Fabrics...

Visit RILEY BLAKE DESIGNS, spend 40 hours deciding on a fabric (might take longer because it's soooooo hard to decide, they are all beautiful) shoot me your fabric name and yardage and I'll make you one humdinger of a deal :-)

Did I mention I love Riley Blake fabric...to have a looksie...you'll love it...chevrons for dayssss and the "matey" and "GO" fabrics for boys...and you KNOW how hard it is to find good "boy" fabric.  email me at the gardengate1@yahoo.com, sonyagilley@yahoo.com or call (662)210-1105  you won't be disappointed....beautiful fabric design and quality...yesirrreeeee!  Not to go fix those holes in the floors from the cartwheels...

Free Christmas Alphabet

Example picture HAS to be a "K" for my sweet master Knight Emree Pitts  who's due any ole day now...Please be in prayer for Morgan & Daniel as they start their little family and that their home will be guided by Christ.

Here's the link for the CUTE CHRISTMAS ALPHABET

Monday, December 24, 2012

What a day!!!

Nothing like the holiday to get our tails in gear....Gene and I have brushed poly acrylic (not urethane...as he's told me over and over and over last two days) pert near everything that has a wooden surface...okay I'm exaggerating.  We have brushed the posts (cut from our pasture) that haven't been done since we built the house

Oh and I forgot the table Gene finished (stumps been cut ohhhh 3 years or so)